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Commons VFS - UI

Welcome to commons VFS Mananger. It is a gui application for the Commons VFS implementation from Apache (

Supported File Systems

The following file systems are prided by the vanilla implementation of VFS:

Grid Computing File System Support

Commons VFS UI supports two grid computing file systems:
  1. A provider for the Storage Resource Broker:
  2. A provider for GridFTP from Globus:

User Interface

The main UI looks like a regular file browser, as shown in the following figure:

Files can be moved between file systems by drag and drop

Adding a File System

To Add a new File System click in the "New File system" toolbar button and type the URI for the file system as explained by the commons documentation. See the figure bellow:

Grid Computing File System(s) Examples

To add a file system to the storage resource broker for user vsilva in domain ACME on a host named myhost:
  1. srb://vsilva.ACME@myhost:5544/
For a GridFTP server running in the same machine the URI would be:
  1. gsiftp://myhost:2811/ (User certificates should be properly configured)

Author: Vladimir Silva